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Sacramento, CA

Sandra Rowe received her B.A. from Cal State University, Fresno and M.F.A. from UC Irvine in art with a focus in painting drawing and installation. She is a visual artist, writer, consultant, curator and educator.


Making art for me started in Rome, NY during the 1960's.... my husband was gone most of the time and drawing and painting was something I had always wanted to do.  I had plenty of spare time for reading and doing but did not know if I could draw and paint to even be considered an artist. But I had the drive and passion.  So, I attended my first drawing class at a museum school in Utica, NY.  The charcoal and pencil media hooked me to learning, seeing and making something I hoped was art.  

From then until now, making art, learning about anything related to living and producing art, teaching and learning some more about the language of art, is a focus for me. Questioning about everything is daily and there are times I get on my husband's nerves. I even get on my nerves so a break with a book, movie and listening to old school rhythm and blues and new blues artists puts me back in sync.

 I completed a BA and Cal State Fresno with focus in printmaking and painting and an MFA at UC Irvine with a focus in installation art. From then until now,making art is something that occupies much of my daily thinking while teaching at many universities and colleges made me learn about art language, art ideas from many cultures and the art histories of many cultures including my own Black history.  I just do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the ideas I have, to produce books, art works, installations, public art and other things.  Focus is sometimes an issue for me but I would not change much.

Thinking about the many aspects of art, history and culture, is what I do. My questions lead me to the final phases of the produced art which is actually seeing the art work in 3-dimensional space as a book or text, sculpture/installation, painting or drawing or public art. Seeing, thinking, doing, questioning and making art from ideas relative to questions about culture, history, today's issues, all peoples and myself leads to a final visible art product.  I will use anything that I know or can learn to realize the art potential of questions I have, to complete an idea


Sandra Rowe is a visual artist, author/writer, consultant, curator, and educator. Rowe's work has been included in exhibitions in Japan, Paris, Cuba, Nigeria and other galleries and museums throughout the United States.            

 March 2015