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Sacramento, CA

Sandra Rowe received her B.A. from Cal State University, Fresno and M.F.A. from UC Irvine in art with a focus in painting drawing and installation. She is a visual artist, writer, consultant, curator and educator.


Excellence in the Face of Adversity

Years ago when a white male professor asked me what I wanted to do with my life I told he that I wanted to have exhibtions in major museums and become a college professor. He said, " You will never do that." I did do all in spite of his comment. Many of us, people of color and women have succeeded in spite of the adversity put in our paths. That adversity has affected out lives by putting our psychological and physical health in jeapordy, we have lost relationships that were important in our lives (luckily that did not happen to me) or we lost site of the important things in life while fighting for our jobs, titles, and respect for what we do.